Agriculture and robots

It all fits together!

Agriculture is a circular work all year round, and our robots are a part of it.

Our goal is to give you the ability to let yourself choose what you want to focus on

Increase the harvest with 30%

Increase the harvest by reducing soil pressure. Our robots weigh about 1/10 in comparison the average tractor of 4000-5000 kg. In addition, we distribute the weight of caterpillar belts, which reduces the pressure even more.

Reduced carbon dioxide emissions with 90%

Our robots use solar energy for charging, which reduces your fuel consumption. By charging the robot via our charging stations you also do not need to pull out cables for electricity in the fields.


ONE tractor ONE tool, what happens if one of them breaks? stopped production, repair, weather issues, delays, vulnerable …

By running swarms of robots, the risks of stopping production in case of errors in the robot or tools are reduced. Our system ensures that the other robots take over the tasks of the robot that stopped, and complete the work. The broken robot or tool can be repaired as production progresses.

Work 24/7

No! not you! Our system!
Our system works 24/7, so we introduce the concept of ”slow farming”. By that we mean that the same work can be done for a longer time without the farmer having to be present and directing the robots. Some tasks, for example, precision irrigation can be performed at night when the evaporation is less. Less water is consumed while you can sleep safely and be rested for the next day’s work

Ease of use

It should be easy to use our system, please pay no attention to our robot system.
Our own experience tells us that if something is easier to do in a different way, it is how you do it instead. We want our systems to be used and not left unused. That is why we place great importance on keeping the system easy to use for you.
We focus on three things in the program’s communication with you:

  • Assign tasks to the system
  • Report any problems
  • Notify when the task is complete

An aging crew of farmers

16% of full-time farmers were 65 years or older in 2016.

Around the world, farmers are an ageing demographic as the sector fails to attract younger talent who are heading instead to cities in search of work.

A way to attract younger people to agriculture can be automation and robotization of agriculture. A development of the role of a farmer is likely to wait, where we go from practical performer to supervisor.

We believe that our system can attract people who want to work in agriculture, but who may not want to put all the time in the seat of the tractor

Our robots are designed with robustness in mind, made to work for different tasks and all year round. Just as the work on the farm.