A brief history


Due to the emerging area of robots in farming, G.O.D.S. decides to focus entirely on the agricultural market.


The development of the platform for the fire fighting robot continues with the goal of assisting the operator when using the robot through semi-autonomous control.

At the same time, G.O.D.S. has eyes on the agricultural market that is starting to mature to use robot in work.


Stjernberg Automation and Drones Networking together form the company Global Operating Drones Sweden AB, or G.O.D.S. for short, with the aim of further developing the fire fighting robot along with service robots.


Drones Networking and Stjernberg Automation together with X-Fire, develop version two of the fire fighting robot. The robot was shown to the public at the Teknikdagarna i Skövde.


Leif Ahlman and Magnus Stjernberg meet and realize quickly that they carry the same thoughts and ideas about service robots.


The fire fighting robot FFR Basic is demonstrated at Skadeplats 2011 in Katrineholm, Sweden.


Leif Ahlman at Drones Networking got the idea of combining a demolition robot with an established cutting extinguishing system. This combination made it possible to extinguish fires from a safe distance. Together with Brokk and ColdCut Systems the proof of concept is developed.