Knowledge is power. Being one step ahead.

There are places where permanent surveillance cameras do not work out. There are moments where you want to investigate objects closer.

There are many situations when the MPR 800 complements fixed equipment and extends the possibilities.

MPR 800 is a robot for more rugged, multi-terrain applications. Airports, power utility substations, Industrial areas, construction sites, solar and wind farms are among those that would benefit from the MPR800 adaptability.

The MPR 800 is a remote / semi-autonomous robot that can be switched up fully autonomously when needed. With semi-autonomous control, the robot guide you through difficult passages when you do not see with your own eyes.

The MPR 800 can be advantageously used in swarms, where multiple robots can work together, back up each other or share tasks.

By using the same base as robots for other assignments, the use will be safer as access to spare parts will be good.